FD WindTunnel


Same product.. Different style.. This little beast of a product will keep the blast away from your face while looking great on the end of your pistol/rifle. The mounting system is a 5 lug quick detach system, allowing you to mount it on multiple firearms with ease, with the purchase of extra mounting points. You can also run this blast shield over any existing muzzle break you have (with an OD less than 1 inch) on your firearm, making it the most versatile blast shield on the market!


Length: 2.96″

OD: 1.6″

ID: 1″

Weight: 6 oz


1.) Remove your existing muzzle brake.

2.) Slide the provided 5-lug collar on first.

3.) Source a new crush washer and slide it over the barrel, in front of the collar.

4.) Install your muzzle brake and torque to spec.

Rated for all AR15 calibers and 9mm. **NOT RATED FOR AR10 CALIBERS**

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Weight 12 oz