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I received this weapon in a nice pelican style case with foam cut out that held the upper, lower, and two spare mags. The pelican case has extra foam that can be removed to mount scopes, lights, lasers and bipods; which I took full advantage of to trick out this DMR rifle. Mounting a Leupold Mark 5 HD 5-25 scope, VZ M-lok Grips, a nice set of bipods and a PEQ 15 for night shooting. This rifle was now setup to do some testing.


Zeroing the rifle with M852 ammunition. Specs on the ammo are 168 grain Sierra MatchKing HPBT; 42 grains IMR 4895. The load is rated 2550 feet per second. Having a case of this ammo and using it in the military for competition style shooting, I thought this would be the best ammo to test through this weapon. Wanting to see how this bullet would do in 1:11 twist Dracos barrel compared to other DMR’s I have shot before (i.e. M110, “SASS”, M21, M14, M14EBR, SR-25, GGP Heavy, Aero M5, DPMS and other AR10 models).


Zeroing at a standard 100 meters, this gun was easily sub moa. After warm up I wanted to see how fast and accurate this rifle could be. Setting up a series of drills for two novice shooters where they had to solve a simple math problem and the targets they were shooting at were numbered 1-8. Having three seconds to solve the problem, find the target and make an accurate shot on a two inch circle/square/triangle, the margin for error was very small. These two shooters have not shot competition or sniper rifles beforehand, could easily make these shots with this weapon. Fascinated with how accurate it was I ended up teaching a small class, simple DMR/distance shooting techniques with it due to the fact it worked every time, never had a failure and was highly accurate. Most DMR’s I have shot you always have to dial in to figure out what ammo it likes or doesn’t like, the 308 rifles can be a bit picky. This was not the case with this weapon.


The ALPHA has a long M-Lok rail capable of attaching all M-Lok systems, hand stops, grips, lights, lasers; I chose the VZ Interlock Alien hand stop and recon rail grips so that I can get a good hold when walking while holding the gun up and down. Being in a sleek flat dark earth finish, I tried to break up a little bit of the color with those grips. This rifle weighed nowhere near what I thought it would be coming in at 9 pounds before I added all my accoutrement. The ALPHA has no sharp angles and is very ergonomic to move in and out of vegetation with. The pistol grip and buttstock that come with the ALPHA are very easy on the hand and had adjustments for the cheek and shoulder so you can adjust pull depending on if you were short or long armed.


The Falkor break easily tames the 308 round and does not cause a large flash. This was apparent when I took the rifle out to my local range to shoot at night. At twilight, turning on the PEQ 15’s red laser and walking it onto target at 100 meters giving me the ability to engage steel with my NVG’s. I set this up this way to show how easy any DMR enthusiast can set up the Falkor ALPHA for pig hunting, SWAT, or boogaloo setup. NVG’s being very attainable to most shooters now, I like to set up rifles for day and night. The controls on the rifle make it very friendly for night operations, being ambi for the bolt release, magazine release and the ability to lock the bolt open. The magazines having metal feed lips are also easy at night to load and increase the longevity of the magazine itself.


I would put my highest recommendation if anyone needed a highly accurate, light weight, easy to deploy out of case DMR style 308.

This review was over one week of owning the rifle; I was not paid or compensated for this review and did this at my own will. I am not employed in any way shape or form by Falkor Defense.

Michael Weston: 10 years United States Army serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and held several positions including Sniper, Sniper Team Leader, Weapons Instructor, Designated Marksmanship Instructor and Night Vision Instructor.