The “Dragon Snout” (DS-300) was developed for our FALKOR Defense PETRA 300 WIN MAG to reduce recoil and muzzle rise.  It was massively successful in accomplishing our goal and reduces recoil and muzzle rise to virtually nothing.  The DS-300 has a three port linear design as well as two top vent holes to drive the muzzle downward.  Watching impacts through your optic is achievable even at 100 yards with this brake.   We decided to release it as a stand alone part so our customers could add it to their existing rifles to help eliminate recoil.  The DS-300 ships with a 5/8″ crush washer.

Thread: 5/8″ – 24 TPI

Finish: Black Nitride

Caliber: Up .300 WIN Mag or .308 WIN equivelent


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Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 2.625 × 1.375 × .875 in