FALKOR 7EVEN Action- Pre order ($299 deposit)

$999.00 $299.00

The deposit for the actions is $299 the pre order total price is $999 (a balance of $700 at the time of shipment) once pre orders are over the MSRP goes up to $1250

DON’T PROMISE…PROVE.  Our mission?  To build world-class Actions that are designed, engineered, and manufactured to the most stringent aerospace standards in the world…period. To achieve that objective, every part is scrutinized for tolerance, and meticulously inspected to prove functionality. To achieve and maintain this type of quality, we manufacture our Actions “in-house” right here in Montana, using American made materials.  Promising is one thing, proving is another.

Falkor Defense Actions are manufactured to AS9100 Aerospace standards to Falkor’s engineered drawings. AS9100 is a widely adopted and standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry. This means procedures, processes, and work instructions (including inspection) are developed and audited specifically for our Actions. Our inspection criteria includes Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) checks, and in-process inspection plans through all operations. 

If you are an OEM Please contact us for special pricing.

Compatible calibers with .308 bolt face include but are not limited to:

.20 BR (.234 NK. .015 FB) .22-250 Rem, 220 swift, .22-250 AI, .22 CHeetah Mk1, 22 creedmoor, 6mm BR, 6 BR norma, 6mm BRA (.2725 NK), 6mm Dasher (.274 NK, .104 FB) or (.274 NK, .135 FB), 6mm GT, 6mm XC, 6mm XC-II, 6x47mm Lapua, 6mm Creedmoor (.277 NK, .155 FB & SAAMI .183 FB), 6mm SLR, 6mm Competition Match, .243 Win AI (.277 NK, .045 FB), .257 Roberts, 6.5×47 mm Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Rem, 6.5/284 Norma, 7mm-08 Rem, .284 Win, .308 Win, .308 Win (.343 NK, .170 FB, ’13 US F-t/r), .338 Federal, .35 rem, .358 win

*Pre order deposit is $299 you will be contacted for the balance once the item is ready to ship, as well as the info of the FFL of your choice. – This item must ship to an FFL*


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  • Billet short action receiver remington 700TM footprint
  • Nitride finish
  • Wire EDM cut lug ways
  • M16 style extractor 
  • Trigger mount 2 pin (.125)
  • Integrated recoil lug
  • Overall picatinny rail length 5.786”
  • Integrated Self Leveling Scope system (patent pending)
  • Receiver machined from Prehardened 416ss
  • 20MOA integrated pic rail
  • Vertical side bolt release, that is much stronger than the standard horizontal
  • Weight including bolt assembly: 32oz
  • 1 1/16×16 TPI barrel thread tenon
  • Recoil lug thickness .260
  • Recoil lug protrusion from action .230
  • Feed Type: Push
  • Ejection Port Length: 3.000”
  • Over pressure safety: Directional Raceway Gas Ports (3 & 9 O’clock)
  • Firing Pin Material: prehardened 4140 Chrome Moly on a 7075 Aluminum Shank
  • Firing Pin spring Force 20lbs
  • One piece bolt machined from 4340 chrome moly 
  • Fluted bolt to allow debris to be removed from lug ways
  • Changeable bolt knobs
  • Plunger ejector
  • Recessed bolt nose 
  • 2 lug 90 degree throw

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Weight 50 oz

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