• Ambi Matched Billet Upper/Lower Hard Anodized
  • Ambidextrous Mirrored Controls-Billet Machined Bolt/Mag
  • Ambi Take Down Pins
  • QuickSnap Dust Cover
  • Flared Magwell w/Magwell Grip
  • Barrel: 10.5-inch Steel Barrel 1:7 Twist Carbine Gas
  • 9.5” MLOK™ Transition Handguard
  • FALKOR Anti-Tilt Nitride BCG
  • Geissele 2 stage SSAE
  • SB Tactical PDW Brace
  • Dracos Ace Muzzle Brake
  • FALKOR MACH 15 Ambi-charging handle
  • Ambi Short Throw Safety Selector
  • Hogue Rubber Overmold Grip or VZ Grip depending on availability
  • 30 Round Lancer L5AWM Mag Included

*Model specifications subject to change at any time due to component availability.

The Rush Pistol is the latest from FALKOR Defense and chambered in .300 Blackout. Get the Rush without the headache of a tax stamp. Or the wait. Order yours today! Give us a call, or find a dealer near you.